Red Copper Pipe

Red copper pipe is pure copper pipe.
Length:3m 5.8m 6m 11.8m 12m.
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Red copper pipe is pure copper pipe. The density of pure copper is 8.96 and the melting point is 1083℃.

Material: T1—T8,TU1—TU3,TP1—TP3,C110,C101,C1100,C1200,C1020,C1220,C5111.

OD: DN8-DN150(10.3mm-168.3mm)    

Wall thickness:

L Grade: 0.76mm ,0.89mm, 1.02mm, 1.07mm,1.14mm,1.27mm,1.40mm,1.52mm,

1.78mm,2.03mm,2.29mm,2.54mm,2.79mm,3.18mm,3.56mm .

M Grade: 0.64mm,0.71mm,0.81mm,0.89mm,1.07mm,1.24mm,1.47mm,


Length:3m 5.8m 6m 11.8m 12m.

Red copper pipe type: Thin walled, Thick walled, Small and Big diameter red copper pipe

Copper pipe classification:

1) ASTM B280, ASTM B88, ASTM B68, ASTM B75 ASTM B251

2) JIS H3300

3) BS EN 12735, BS2871, BS12449

4) EN1057

5) AS1432, AS1571

Processing standards:

a )Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment: GB/T 17791-2007   

b) Cable: GB/T 19849-2005

c) Conduct electricity :GB/T 19850-2005  

d) Process Magnetron :GB/T 20301-2006  

e) Inner grooved copper tube :GB/T 20928-2007  


1. It be widely used for manufacturing of heat transfer equipment(For example Condenser).

2. It is also as the assembling low-temperature pipelines in oxygen production equipment.

3.The small copper tube are often used to transport pressurized liquids(Lubrication system, oil pressure system, etc).

4. As a hot and cold water pipeline in In building construction.


1. Light weight, excellent thermal conductivity, high strength in low temperature environment .

2. Red copper pipe with the characteristic of high hardness, not easy be corrode, and resistant to high temperature, high pressure, can be used in a variety of environments.

3. Economical and practical. As the copper tubes are easy to be processed and connected, it can save material and total cost when it is installed. At the same time, the stability and reliablility , can save maintenance.

4. Copper pipe can change the pipe shape.As can be bend and deform, it is often made into elbows and joints. The smooth bending allows the copper tube to bend at any angle. 

5. Easy to be connected.

6. Safe. No leakage, no combustion, no toxic gas, and corrosion resistance.

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