Carbon Steel Blind Flanges

JDSTEELPIPE is one of the leading China Carbon steel blind flanges manufacturers and blind flanges suppliers , if you want to buy or import best high-qualityCarbon steel blind flanges professional company, factory, seller, and exporter, please feel free to contact us.
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        Carbon steel blind flanges, just one of a kind, are usually made with fixed holes in the periphery of a disc-like metal body to connect to something else.It has a wide range of mechanical applications, so it looks very strange.

         Different use environment of carbon steel blind flange weight and carbon steel blind flange dimensions requirements are not the same.We can produce according to customer's requirement.

         Flange, also known as flange flange plate or flange. Flanges are interconnecting parts between shaft and shaft, used for connection between pipe ends, and also used for flanges in the import and export of equipment for connection between two devices, such as reducer flange. Flange connection or flange joint is a detachable connection between three parts, including flange, gasket and bolt, as a group of combined sealing structures. Pipe flanges refer to flanges used for piping in piping installations, and are used on equipment to refer to import and export flanges of equipment.

         The flange has holes and bolts make the two flanges tightly connected. The flange is sealed with a gasket. Flanged threaded connection (threaded connection) flange, welding flange and clip flange. Flanges are used in pairs. Low pressure pipes can be welded with flanges, and welding flange is more than four kg of pressure. Seal gaskets between the two flanges and fasten them with bolts. Different pressure flange thickness is different, they use different bolts. When the pumps and valves are connected with the pipes, the parts of these equipment are also made into corresponding flange shapes, also known as flange connections. Any connection part that is closed by bolts at the two sides of the plane is commonly called "flange". For example, the connection of ventilation pipes can be called "flange parts". But this connection is only part of a device, such as flange and water pump connection, it is not easy to call the pump "flange parts." Smaller ones, such as valves, can be called "flange parts".
       The reducer flange is used for the connection between the motor and the reducer, and the connection between the reducer and other equipment.

Scope of application:

       Because flange has good comprehensive performance, it is widely used in chemical engineering, construction, water supply, drainage, oil, light and heavy industry, freezing, sanitation, plumbing, fire protection, power, aerospace, shipbuilding and other basic projects.

     JDSTEELPIPE is one of the leading China Carbon steel blind flanges manufacturers and blind flanges suppliers , if you want to buy or import best high-qualityCarbon steel blind flanges professional company, factory, seller, and exporter, please feel free to contact us.

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