Advantage analysis of cold drawn steel tube

- Sep 20, 2019-

         No matter what kind of processing method is used to process the cold-drawn steel tube, the surface of the parts will always leave a slight uneven knife mark, the phenomenon of jagged peaks and valleys.

        Cold drawing steel pipe processing principle: it is a kind of pressure finishing processing, is to take advantage of the cold plasticity of metal in the state of normal temperature, the use of rolling tools to apply a certain pressure on the surface of the workpiece, make the surface metal plastic flow, fill into the original remains of the concave valley, and achieve the workpiece surface roughness value reduction.Due to the plastic deformation of the rolled surface metal, the surface structure is hardened and the fine particles become fine, forming a dense fibrous layer, and forming a residual stress layer, which improves the hardness and strength, thus improving the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and coordination of the workpiece surface.Rolling is a non - cutting plastic machining method.

cold drawn steel tube

Several advantages of cold-drawn steel tube:

The surface roughness can be improved to Ra≤0.08 m

Modified roundness, ellipticity can ≤0.01mm

Improve the surface hardness to eliminate the stress deformation, hardness to provide HV≥4°

After machining, the residual stress layer can improve the fatigue strength by 30%

Improve matching quality, reduce wear and tear, extend the service life of parts, but the processing cost of parts is reduced instead

cold drawn steel tube1

        To sum up the high precision cold drawn pipe is no cutting process, the province industry compared with the traditional process, the product has good mechanical performance and high precision, with the production of the product wear-resisting, durable, has high service life and has been adopted by the coal mine supporting, and expanding to the oil production, metallurgical equipment, engineering machinery, automobile industry.Demand is more and more big have extensive space to popularize.Promote the use of cold-drawn steel tube technology to manufacture hydraulic cylinder products, cylinder products have a very wide range of development space, which is our future products do big, enterprise do strong development direction.

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