Analysis of Four Properties of Carbon Steel Butt Welded Flange

- Sep 17, 2019-

         Carbon steel welding flange is not easy to deformation, sealing, widely used, suitable for pressure or temperature fluctuations of the pipeline or high temperature, high pressure and low temperature pipeline, the advantage is that the price is relatively cheap, heat resistant function is well known, when the working water temperature is 75 degrees, softening temperature is 135 degrees.Nominal pressure shall not exceed 2.5mpa;It is also used to transport expensive, flammable, explosive media on the pipeline, nominal pressure at about PN16MPa.Carbon steel butt welding flange can play an important role and value in different fields and industries, according to a certain way and method number, according to a certain standard production and use, to ensure that it can play an important role and contribution in use.

Four features of carbon steel butt welding flange:
1. Good thermal insulation: due to the low thermal conductivity of carbon steel butt welding flange, the thermal conductivity of 20 degrees Celsius 0.21-0.24w /mk is much smaller than steel pipe and purple steel pipe, so the pp-r pipe has good thermal insulation.
2. High impact resistance: due to the unique impact strength function of carbon steel butt welding flange compared with other solid wall pipe has been significantly improved, the ring stiffness is proportional to 1.3 times of solid wall.
3.corrosion resistance: in addition to a few hydrogenation agents, can withstand the corrosion of a variety of chemical media, the carbon steel welding flange has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, erosion resistance, no rust, no erosion, no breeding bacteria, no electrochemical erosion.

4.Long service life: the service life of carbon steel butt welding flange pipe reaches more than 50 years under the rated service temperature and pressure, with anti-ultraviolet and radiation protection, making the product never fade.

        The plain welding flange with neck is the same as the plain welding flange with plate type, which is the flange that extends steel pipe and pipe fitting into the flange and connects with the equipment or pipeline through the fillet weld.Flat welding flange requirements are diverse, such as automotive, construction machinery, rail vehicles, shipbuilding industry needs.Due to structural characteristics, it is suitable for high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and other occupations.

        High speed and complete backwash, only tens of seconds can end long life: new plastic filter elements consolidation, no wear, no corrosion, very little scaling, after many years of industrial useful verification, use 6~10 years no wear, no aging, filtering and backwash will not be due to the use of time and deterioration.

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