Application range and performance characteristics of galvanized steel pipe

- Jun 17, 2019-

Galvanized steel pipe features:

1. galvanized steel pipe specifications: zinc coating is thick, crystal detailed, uniform and no pores, excellent corrosion resistance;

2. galvanized steel pipe material: The zinc layer obtained by electroplating is relatively pure, corrosion is slow in acid, alkali and other fog, and can be used to maintain the steel base; 

3.zinc coating has excellent ductility, so it can be cold stamping, rolling, bending and other molding without damaging the coating. 

galvanized machining steel pipe

4. zinc coating by chromate passivation constitute white, colorful, military green, beautiful and generous, with a certain decorative;

5. galvanized steel pipe water supply:with a thick dense layer of pure zinc on the surface of steel, it can prevent the steel matrix and any corrosion solution touch, maintain the steel matrix from corrosion.In general atmosphere, the surface of zinc layer constitutes a very thin and dense zinc oxide layer surface, it is difficult to dissolve in water, so the steel matrix must be maintained.If zinc oxide and other components in the atmosphere to generate insoluble zinc salt, corrosion prevention effect is more ambitious.

6. with iron and zinc alloy layer, combined with dense, in the Marine salt fog atmosphere and industrial atmosphere reflects the special corrosion resistance;

7. because the combination of strong, zinc - iron soluble, with a strong wear resistance;

8. hot dip galvanized steel structure parts, equivalent to a annealing treatment, can be useful to improve the mechanical function of the steel matrix, eliminate the steel parts forming welding stress, is conducive to the steel structure parts for turning processing.

9. because of the excellent ductility of zinc, its alloy layer and steel base adhesion strong, hot plating can be cold stamping, rolling, wire drawing, bending and other molding without damaging the coating;

10. hot galvanized after the surface of a beautiful light.

11. galvanized machining steel pipe :the pure zinc layer is hot dip galvanized * a plastic layer of zinc, its properties are close to pure zinc, with ductility, so it is flexible.

galvanized steel pipe sleeves

       The use of hot dip galvanizing also expands with the development of industry and agriculture.Therefore, hot dip galvanized products in the industry, such as chemical equipment, oil processing, Marine exploration, transport, electricity, shipbuilding, metal structure, etc.), agriculture (such as sprinkler irrigation, dim room), construction (such as water and gas transport, wire casing, scaffolding, house, etc.), Bridges, shipping, etc., has been widely use in recent years.Because hot dip galvanized products with beautiful surface, corrosion resistance and other features, its use is more and more extensive.

       With the development of science and technology, the scope of electroplating industry is more and more extensive.Now, the use of galvanizing has been throughout the national economy of each production and research departments.For example, machine making, electronics, precision instruments, chemical industry, light industry, transportation, weapons, aerospace, atomic energy and so on are of great significance in the national economy.

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