Can you tell the difference between hot and cold galvanized steel tube?

- Apr 24, 2020-

Can you tell the difference between hot and cold galvanized steel tube? 

There are many standards of zinc coating pipes such as EN10255 (BS 1387) tubes, for scaffolding pipe, liquid transportation, construction, etc, ... But have you ever felt confused about the hot and cold galvanized steel tube? Here Jiade pipe offers high quality 2 inch galvanized tubes and some tips of traditional inspection methods, which could save you much time and money in certain circumstances.

The following is a direction to identify the difference between the two:

1.Appearance: There could be sags and crests on the surface of hot dip galvanized, and it looks slightly darker. While cold galvanized tube looks smooth and bright.

2.Thickness: Zinc coating of hot dip galvanized tube is thicker than that of the cold galvanized tube.

3.Inner surface coating: There is zinc coating on the whole inner surface of hot dip galvanizing tube. For cold galvanized, it is only coated on the two ends. 

4.Corrosion resistance: Hot galvanized tube usually has higher corrosion resistance than the cold galvanized does.

5.Logo: For hot dip galvanized pipe fittings, some blue ink is painted on both ends of the hoops. The implemented standard and specification model are marked on the body. Whereas, this doesn’t apply for cold galvanized fittings.

6.Price: Price of cold galvanizing tube is relatively low.

7.Intuitive way: A more intuitive way is to hit the pipe with a small hammer or something like that, to see whether the galvanized layer will fall off. If there is a fall off, it is highly possible that it is made of cold plating tubes.


It is important to see whether the galvanized layer is flat and uniform, apart from the test report, the proof document. But these empirical tips work when you feel the documents can't explain. 

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