Connection and quality characteristics of stainless steel flanges

- Feb 28, 2019-

Stainless steel flange (Flange) also known as steel flange or flanges. Parts tube and pipe are connected to each other. Connected to the pipe end. There perforations can be worn bolts, so that the two stainless steel flange abuts on the stainless steel flange. A sealing gasket between stainless steel flanges. Stainless steel flange is a disk-shaped parts, most common in the pipeline project, the flanges are used in pairs. In the pipeline project, mainly used to connect the pipe flange. In the connection pipe needs, a variety of mounting flanges, the low pressure conduit may be connected using wire flanges, welding flanges 4 kg pressure.

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel flange depends on chromium, but because chromium is one of the components of steel, the protection methods are different. When the chromium content is above 11.7%, the atmospheric corrosion resistance of the steel increases significantly. However, when the chromium content is higher, although the corrosion resistance can be increased, it is not obvious. The reason is that when chromium is used for alloying steel, the type of surface oxide is changed into a surface oxide similar to that formed on pure chromium metal. This tightly adhered chromium rich oxide protects the surface from further oxidation. The oxide layer is very thin, through which it can see the natural luster of the steel surface and make the stainless steel have a unique surface. Moreover, if the surface is damaged, the exposed steel surface will react with the atmosphere to repair itself and regenerate the oxide passivation film, which will continue to play a protective role. Therefore, all stainless steel elements have a common characteristic, that is, chromium content is above 10.5%.

Stainless steel flange connection is easy to use and can withstand great pressure. Stainless steel flanges are widely used in industrial pipelines. In the family, the diameter of the pipe is small, and it is low pressure. Stainless steel flange connections are not visible. If in a boiler house or production site, stainless steel flanged pipes and equipment are everywhere. 

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