Customized TP316 Stainless Steel Pipe

- Apr 07, 2021-

Customized TP316 Stainless Steel Pipe is available in our factory.Besides the TP316, 304,304L,316L 904L etc. also accept customized as your size type and quantity.Our company has complete equipment to meet the needs of different customers.

Customized TP316 Stainless Steel Pipe there are some way to do it .Such as stainless steel pipe custom multi-purpose fixed short core head stretch. In this method, a short core head larger than the core rod is installed at the end of the fixed long core rod. Only the short core head extends into the die hole, forming a annular gap with the die hole; The stainless steel tube on the core bar is customized billet, and the tensile force passes through this gap, resulting in a deformation process of decreased diameter, thinned wall and increased length.One more the production of large diameter stainless steel pipe and the use of small size tube billet, with the expansion method to produce, The inner diameter is smaller than the required size of the tube billet, with special equipment, or the use of broaching machines to expand its inner diameter to the appropriate size, and then the short core head pulled into the required specifications.

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