Do you know how to store galvanized carbon steel pipe?

- Jul 05, 2019-

   1.Select appropriate site and warehouse.Steel pipe storage site or warehouse, should be selected in a clean, well-drained place, away from the production of harmful gas or dust factories and mines.Remove weeds and sundries on the site and keep the steel pipe clean.In the warehouse and acid, alkali, salt, cement and other corrosive materials on steel pipe stacked together.Different kinds of steel pipes should be stacked separately to prevent confusion and contact corrosion;

Galvanized carbon steel pipe

   2.Reasonable stacking, first in, first out.The principle of stacking requirements is stable stacking, ensure safety conditions, galvanized carbon steel pipe according to varieties, specifications stacking, different varieties of materials to stack separately;The section steel stacked in the open air, there must be a wooden pad or stone below, the stack surface slightly inclined, to facilitate drainage;

      3.Packaging and protective coating of protective materials.Preservatives or other coating and packaging applied before leaving the factory are important measures to prevent corrosion of materials, which should be protected during transportation and loading and unloading without damage, and the storage period of materials can be extended.

Galvanized carbon steel pipe

      4. Keep the warehouse clean and strengthen material maintenance.Galvanized carbon steel pipe material in storage before you should pay attention to prevent rain or mixed impurities, to have rain or dirty materials to use different methods according to its nature wipe, such as high hardness of the available steel wire brush, low hardness with cloth, cotton and other things;

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