Effect of chromium on mechanical properties

- May 28, 2020-

Cr is an important metal material that is regularly used, chromium is in the form of ferro alloy (such as ferrochrome) in the production of stainless steel and some kinds of carbon steel alloy, like 4130 steel pipes and 4140 steel pipes.Chromium usually functions as alloy additives in some alloy like aluminum alloy, cobalt alloy, titanium alloy and high temperature alloy, resistance heating.Chromium plating and chromizing can help steel and copper, aluminum and other metals to form a corrosion resistant surface, bright and beautiful. Therefore, it is applied in a large number of furniture, automobiles, construction and other industries. In addition, chromium ore is also used in some refractory materials.

But what is the effect of chromium on mechanical properties? To be specific, in Ferro-Chrome alloys, the tensile strength and hardness of the alloys increase significantly with the increase of chromium content. When chromium content is less than 10%, area (Ψ) and elongation (delta) will increase slightly. On the other hand, when chromium content exceeds 10%, there will be a significant reduction in area (Ψ) and elongation (delta). By the time when chromium content reaches 55%, the above two parameters will be close to zero.As for ferro chrome alloy, when the content of chromium is within 26%, the toughness of the alloy increases with the increase of chromium content. On the other side, when it is above 26%, shock resilience (luk) will decline sharply.And the fundamental drop in impact toughness is mainly because the alloy becomes brittle and hard.

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