How to distinguish large diameter thick wall steel pipe?

- Dec 03, 2019-

        1.High quality large diameter thick wall steel pipe members, evenly distributed cold shear, high tonnage, cutting head end face smooth, neat.When you see the end face of the cutting head, you will often see the appearance of meat falling off or uneven, the appearance is not necessarily not to choose these large-diameter thick-walled steel tubes.

        2. Without vernier calipers, it is necessary to weigh and check thick wall thick steel tubes with large impurities. The steel tubes have small density, poor scale and light weight.Do not choose steel tube for thick wall with large diameter.

         3. Observe the inner diameter scale: the inner diameter scale of the large-diameter thick-walled steel pipe that has been shaken for many times.

        4.Refer to the factory mark: the trademark and printing of high-quality large-diameter thick wall steel pipe are very standard.

        5. Check the longitudinal reinforcement: the longitudinal reinforcement of large diameter thick wall steel pipe is usually called waveform.

        6. Take a look at the shape of the steel: some small manufacturers of large diameter thick wall steel pipes will be loose when they are not pressed, so the side will be oval.
       7. Check the surface appearance: the reason for the spot is the serious wear of the groove, and the uneven appearance of the instrument steel surface is irregular.
        8. The appearance is not a simple scratch: some manufacturers of large-diameter thick wall steel pipes will easily burr and scratch the appearance of steel pipes due to rough equipment. Of course, deep processing will reduce the strength of steel pipes.

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