How to identify hot dip galvanized seamless steel tube

- Apr 11, 2020-

There is a so-called hot dip galvanized fluid tube in the market now, namely galvanized seamless pipe.But it is actually high-frequency welded pipe, after special treatment, the original welding line is rubbed off. The zinc coating on the surface make people hardly tell if it is made of seamless or welded tube. 

Jiade pipe supplys a range of galvanized seamless steel tube as well as galvanized welded steel tube, with reasonable prices. And here are some helpful hints we offer for you to identify seamless steel tube from welded tube:

1) If you look into the pipe traces closely, all that welding line which is intentionally ground still has some traces.

2) Hot-dip galvanized seamless tube are usually in 6 meters, 9 meters or 12 meters with fixed length. While true hot-dip galvanized seamless steel tube with fixed length is very rare in the market, because fixed ruler means more waste, and prices would be increased a lot.

3) The product name shown in the MTC is usually fluid tube instead of seamless steel tube, for fear of taking responsibility.

4) Welded steel tube can be told from its uniform wall thickness. Welded tube, usually made up of the steel strip, through welding steel processing or thermal expansion, its wall thickness is very uniform. Whereas round steel hot rolled seamless steel tube is perforated, so there may be deviation in the thickness.However,with the constant improvement of the technology of seamless steel tube, deviation in wall thickness is getting smaller and smaller.

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