How to protect the welded pipe?

- Jun 12, 2019-

      In many engineering construction, the demand for welded pipe is very large, and during the project, due to various factors, often involved in the storage of welded pipe.As we all know, in most cases, large diameter welded pipe is stored in the open air, if the storage time is relatively long, there will be some problems, such as corrosion and corrosion layer aging, will affect the normal use of welded pipe, will also cause great waste.

This is because, if adopt open air to store words, the tube body of welded pipe lacks keep out to protect, plus pile up number is more, pile up layer is thicker, if encounter damp weather, appear these problems very easily, so, how should be stored specifically, just can reduce these losses?


First of all, if you need to store for a long time, you must make corresponding preparations. At the beginning of storage, you should use opaque cover for protection. In this way, no matter it is bare pipe or anticorrosive pipe, it is well protected, and the problems of corrosion of welded pipe, aging of anticorrosive layer and warping of edges are avoided.However, the use of the cover should be strong and durable, even if a long time sun and rain will not be damaged, will not affect its protection function.


Next, want to maintain good ventilated result.For the welded pipe that needs to be stored for a long time, it must be ensured that its surface can be ventilated during the covering protection, otherwise the effect of the welded pipe will be affected by the accumulation of steam.Had better be to install certain support when depositing, and maintain proper distance with the ground, assure ventilated effect.

Next, when carrying on piling up store, should maintain its cleanness, do not contact with sundry.Note that the welded pipe should also remove the tube end protector.Also pay attention to the appropriate number of stacked layers, otherwise it will be damaged because of the accumulation of too thick.In addition, a reasonable selection of welded pipe storage system can be developed and implemented in accordance with the standards of the system.


       In general, the protection of welded pipe can greatly reduce the waste of welded pipe, which can not only improve the work efficiency, but also improve the use efficiency of welded pipe.

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