Installation and application of high pressure steel pipe

- Mar 28, 2019-

       High pressure steel pipe is used to manufacture high pressure vessels and pipes of high quality carbon steel, alloy structural steel and stainless steel seamless steel pipe.

The installation

        Installation of high pressure pipeline is similar to installation requirements of medium and low pressure pipeline, but the requirements are higher and the regulations are stricter. Therefore, in addition to the installation requirements of medium and low pressure pipeline, the following requirements should be followed.

The high-pressure sections, fittings, fasteners and valves used for installation must pass the inspection and be accompanied by the corresponding technical certificates. After being delivered to the site, they should be properly kept, marked clearly and placed neatly.Before installation, clean the inner and outer surfaces, and check the inner passage for foreign bodies and smooth passage.Check whether the roughness of the sealing surface and gasket of the pipe mouth meets the requirements. There shall be no scratches (especially radial scratches), spots and other defects that affect the sealing performance on the sealing surface.The threaded part of the end of the high pressure pipe which has passed the inspection shall be protected by molybdenum disulfide grease or graphite engine oil mixing agent, except the pipe which is degreased as required.

Bulk Steel Pipe For High Pressure Service

 When installing pipes, use formal pipe holder, and install protective sleeve as per design requirement on pipe rack in contact with high-pressure pipes and fittings.The chamfering Angle of the pipe end thread shall be exposed when installing the high pressure flange.When installing the gasket, do not use the wire sling, prior to the nozzle and gasket coated with butter, soft metal high-pressure gasket should be accurately placed in the sealing seat.Flange bolts shall be tightened symmetrically and evenly, without excessive tightening. After tightening the bolts, the two flanges shall be parallel concentric, and the thread exposed on the outside of the nut shall be 2~3 threads, at least 2 threads, and the exposed length of each bolt shall be basically the same.

Bulk Steel Pipe For High Pressure Service

         During installation, no strong pull, strong push, strong twist or modification of gasket thickness shall be used to make up the manufacturing or installation errors.If it is impossible to complete the pipeline installation continuously, the open pipe mouth should be closed in time.Parts of the instrument sampling area on the pipe shall be installed at the same time as the pipe.

Range of application

        The high pressure steel tube has good comprehensive mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature.The high pressure steel pipe is mainly used in boiler, diesel engine high pressure oil pipe, fertilizer equipment and pipeline and other fields.

        The high pressure seamless steel pipe is mainly used in the following two aspects:

(1) high pressure seamless steel pipe is mainly used to manufacture water wall pipe, boiling water pipe, superheated steam pipe, locomotive boiler superheated steam pipe, big, small smoke pipe and arch brick pipe.

(2) high pressure seamless steel pipe is mainly used to manufacture high pressure and ultra-high pressure boiler power plant superheater pipe, reheater pipe, pipe, main steam pipe.

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