Introduction to the structure of high neck flange

- Feb 17, 2020-

        The high-diameter flange is mainly used in the situation with severe working conditions. The difference between the high-diameter flange and other flanges is that there is a long and inclined high neck from the welding position of flange and pipe to the flange plate. The wall thickness of the high neck gradually transits to the pipe wall thickness along the height direction, which improves the non continuity of stress, thus increasing the strength of the high-diameter flange.
        The high-diameter flange is to fix two pipes and pipe fittings on a flange plate first, add flange gasket between the two flange plates, and fasten them together with bolts. Some pipe fittings and equipment have their own flange, which also belongs to flange connection. High diameter flange can be divided into: stainless steel high diameter flange, carbon steel high diameter flange, alloy high diameter flange, special steel high diameter flange, etc. High diameter flange connection is an important way of pipeline construction. High diameter flange connection is easy to use and can bear large pressure. In the industrial pipeline, the use of high-diameter flange connection is very common. High diameter flange is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical and machinery manufacturing, sewage treatment, aerospace and other fields.
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