Knowledge of 12 flanges from flange supplier(3)

- Jun 24, 2019-

8.Flat welded ring loose flange

Flat welded ring loose flange

     The flat welded ring loosing flange is a movable flange piece.Connect directly with pipes and equipment in the project with bolts.The purpose of using flat welding ring to loosen the flange is generally in order to save information, its structure is divided into two parts, part of the pipe and pipe connection, one end made flanging, flange part set on the edge.The flange USES low grade data, while the pipe USES the same data locally as the pipe, achieving the purpose of saving data.

Disadvantages of plain welding ring loose flange:

1) low acceptance pressure.

2) low strength at the welding ring (especially when the thickness is less than 3mm)

Loose flange of plain welding ring:

1) large strength, such as plastic pipe and glass pipe, is convenient for welding or processing.

2) it is convenient for construction, such as aligning the flange bolt holes when connecting or preventing the flange bolt holes from changing in the future.

3) save money when prices are high.When the pipe material is special, the cost of welding the flange of the same material is high.

9. flange cover

flange cover

     Also called blind plate flange, blind plate.It is a flange without hole in the middle for sealing the pipe plug.The function is the same as that of welding head and thread cap, except that blind flange and thread cap can be removed at any time, while welding head is not.There are many types of sealing surface, including full plane, protruding surface, concave and convex surface, tenon groove surface and ring connection surface.

Flange cover sealing surface

Plane (FF), protruding (RF), concave and convex (MFM), tenon and groove (TG), ring connection (RJ)

10.lining flange cover

lining flange cover


      Lining flange cover is a blind plate flange, close to the media side surfacing stainless steel, for a whole.The lining flange cover is used for blind plate on the pipeline with corrosive medium.The difference with the common flange cover is that the anti-corrosion lining layer is added to the contact surface of the medium.

11. American standard plain welding flange with neck

American standard plain welding flange with neck

     Connect the plain welding flange with neck to the pipe end.It is mainly the parts that connect pipes with pipes.There are holes on the plain welding flange with neck, bolts can be threaded to make two flanges tightly connected, and gasket seal between flanges.Plain welded flange connection with neck consists of a pair of flanges, a gasket and a number of bolts and nuts.The gasket is placed between the sealing surface of two flanges. After tightening the nut, the specific pressure on the surface of the gasket reaches a certain value and produces deformation.Flange connection is a detachable connection.According to the connected parts can be divided into container flange and pipe flange.Plain welded flange with neck is suitable for pipe passage connection with nominal pressure not exceeding 2.5MPa.

Plain welding flange with neck is used for welding flange and pipe, its structure is reasonable, its strength and stiffness are large, withstand high temperature and high pressure and repeated bending and temperature fluctuation, reliable sealing.Concave and convex sealing surface is adopted for plain welded flange with neck with nominal pressure of 0.25~ 2.5mpa.

12.American standard strong butt welding flange

American standard strong butt welding flange

American standard flanges are the parts that connect the pipes to each other.American standard butt welding flange is forged and cast by two methods.According to the situation of neck, the us-standard butt welding flange can be divided into the us-standard butt welding flange with neck and the us-standard butt welding flange without neck.American standard butt welding flange is made up of two flanges with flange pad, bolted together to complete the connection.American standard flanges are perforated and bolted together. Gasket seal between flanges.

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