Knowledge of Welding Neck Flanges

- Apr 22, 2019-

With neck butt welding flange and the whole flange is the use of butt welding welding method, have a long neck, how to distinguish from the appearance of the size and use of neck butt welding flange and the whole flange.From the appearance, the overall flange pipe end is thicker than the butt welding flange pipe end, and the overall flange inner diameter is the same with the nominal diameter except pn1.6mpa and DN450 above.The overall flange neck height is high, the thickness of the wall thickness is also relatively thick, with reference to the standard can be clearly seen.

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From the point of view of application, the integral flange is the flange connected with the equipment such as the flange on the valve, the flange and the valve is a whole, not connected by welding.Integral flanges are mostly used in equipment manufacturing and are rarely used in piping design.The butt welding flange with neck is used when connecting with valves, pumps and other equipment, and is welded to the pipe. The size of the tail joint is consistent with the outer diameter and wall thickness of the corresponding pipe/piece, and can be connected directly by butt welding.

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The gasket of stainless steel flange butt welding flange is placed between the sealing surfaces of the two flanges. After tightening the nut, the specific pressure on the surface of the gasket will deform after reaching a certain value, and fill the uneven parts on the sealing surface to make the connection tight without leakage.The butt welding flange connection is a detachable connection.Welding flange in the use of connection can fully show good role and value, to show the role of the industry should be.

Butt welding stainless steel flange is a kind of pipe fitting, it refers to the flange with neck and pipe transition and pipe butt welding connection, it is widely used in the current.Stainless steel butt welding flange is not easy to be deformed, well sealed, widely used, suitable for pressure or temperature fluctuations in the pipeline or high temperature, high pressure and low temperature pipeline, the advantage is relatively cheap, the nominal pressure does not exceed 2.5mpa;It is also used for conveying expensive, flammable and explosive media on pipelines, with nominal pressure around PN16MPa.

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Stainless steel butt welding ring loose sleeve flange is the flange piece that can be moved, it is generally matched in the water supply and drainage accessories, the factory factory telescopic joint at both ends have a piece of flange, directly connected with the project pipeline, equipment with bolts.The purpose of loose sleeve flange with butt welding ring is generally to save materials. The structure is divided into two parts, one end of the pipe is connected to the pipe, and the other end is made into butt welding ring.The flange is made of low grade material, while the pipe part is made of the same material as the pipe, so as to save materials.

Loose sleeve flange of butt welding ring:

1. Cost saving.When the pipe material is special and expensive, the cost of welding flange of the same material is high.

2.not easy to weld or not easy to process or need the strength.Such as plastic pipe, glass pipe and so on.

3. Convenient for construction.Such as connecting flange bolt hole corresponding is not easy to align or prevent future replacement equipment flange bolt hole changes.

Plate Flanges Free Sample

Plate Flanges Free Sample

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