Main application and process characteristics of galvanized pipe

- May 09, 2019-

        Galvanized steel pipe is also called galvanized steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe can increase the service life of steel pipe, to a certain extent to prevent rust.This article introduces the classification, main USES and process characteristics of galvanized pipe.


1. Hot-dip galvanized pipe.

        The reaction of the molten metal with the iron matrix produces an alloy layer that the substrate and the plating want to bond.Hot dip galvanized steel pipe should be pickling first, remove the iron oxide on the surface of the steel pipe, pickling and then using ammonium chloride or zinc chloride solution of water cleaning, and then sent to the hot plating tank for hot plating.Hot - dip galvanized coating is more uniform, adsorption capacity is also relatively strong, long life.

 Galvanized steel pipe

2. Cold galvanized pipe.

Cold galvanizing is electricity galvanized, galvanized the amount of less, corrosion resistance and service life relative to hot galvanized pipe to be a lot of difference.

3. Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe.

The zinc-iron alloy layer, alloy layer and pure zinc layer formed by the reaction of steel pipe and plating solution and the steel pipe are integrated into one, so the corrosion resistance is relatively strong.

 Galvanized steel pipe

4. Cold galvanized steel pipe.

        The zinc layer and the steel pipe are separate layers, and the zinc layer is relatively thin. The zinc layer is simply attached to the surface of the steel pipe, and the zinc layer is easy to fall off. Therefore, cold galvanized steel pipe is not allowed to be used as the water pipe

The main purpose

       Galvanized pipe is usually used to loosen gas and heating, galvanized pipe layer is also used as a water pipe, but after a few years will produce a lot of rust, the outflow of yellow water will not only pollute the sanitary ware, but also let the inner wall of bacteria breeding.Rust can also lead to excessive levels of heavy metals in water, further harming human health.Our country builds ministry regulation to prohibit to use galvanization pipe to serve as conduit since 2000.

 Galvanized steel pipe

Process characteristics

       The biggest advantage of sulfate galvanizing is that the current utilization rate is up to 100%, the deposition rate is very fast.But because the coating crystallization is not careful enough, so the deep plating ability is poor, only suitable for the simple geometry of the tube and wire.After process improvement, iron salt was added to the original solution, which not only inherited the advantages of traditional sulfate galvanization, but also enhanced the ability of deep plating.After continuous improvement, the coating grains for wire and tube are more delicate and shiny than before.

 Galvanized steel pipe

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