Method of manufacture of fluid delivery pipes

- Oct 23, 2019-

         Fluid conveying pipe is a general seamless pipe used for conveying water, oil, gas and other fluids. It is mainly used for conveying fluid pipe in engineering and large equipment.

seamless steel tube

        Due to its different manufacturing process, it can be divided into hot rolled (extrusion) seamless steel tube and cold drawn (rolling) seamless steel tube.Cold drawing (rolling) tube is divided into circular tube and special-shaped tube.

1. Overview of process flow

       Hot rolling (extruded seamless steel tube): round tube billet → heating → perforation → three-roll cross rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion → stripping → sizing (or reducing)→ cooling → billet tube → straightening → hydraulic test (or flaw detection)→ marking → storage.

Seamless steel pipe cold drawing (rolling) : round billet - heat - punch to heading, annealing and pickling to apply oil (copper), multi-channel time cold drawing (cold) and billet tube - heat treatment - straightening to hydrostatic test (NDT) - > tag, put in storage.

2.Manufacturing method:

        (1) general boiler tube use temperature below 450℃, domestic pipe mainly with no. 10, no. 20 carbon steel hot-rolled tube or cold-drawn tube manufacturing.

        (2) high pressure boiler tube often in the use of high temperature and high pressure conditions, pipe in high temperature smoke and steam under the action of oxidation and corrosion will occur.The steel tube is required to have high durable strength, high oxidation resistance and good structural stability.


       (1) the general boiler tube is mainly used to make water wall tube, boiling water tube, superheated steam tube, locomotive boiler superheated steam tube, large and small smoke pipe and arch brick pipe.

       (2) high pressure boiler tube is mainly used to manufacture high pressure and ultra-high pressure boiler superheater tube, reheater tube, guide pipe, main steam pipe.

        However, circular tube also has certain limitations, such as under the condition of plane bending, circular tube is not as strong as square, rectangular tube bending strength, some farm machinery framework, steel and wood furniture, such as high-pressure boiler tube,20# high-pressure boiler tube,20# fertilizer tube commonly used square, rectangular tube.Special-shaped steel tubes with other section shapes are required for different purposes.

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