Notice 10 points for cr/mo material welding

- Nov 27, 2019-

       Here are 4130 chrome molybdenum materials using argon arc welding is the most common 10 the answer to the question.These considerations mainly for sports field, such as the plane specimen, car frame, roll frame, sand cars, bicycles and motorcycles shelf, etc.Whether the welding points applicable to evaluation according to the specific purposes.

Q: Can 4130 cr mo material be welded by argon arc welding?

      A: yes, argon arc welding of 4130 cr mo materials has been used in the aerospace field for many years.As with all welds, argon arc welding needs to follow reasonable procedures and techniques

Q: Do you want pre-heating?

      A: thin-walled tubes (thickness less than 0.12 "or 3mm) generally do not require 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit of preheating to achieve the desired results.But before welding the steel tube itself should not be below room temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: What should be used welding stick?

       Answer: although there are many good wire options, the most suitable one is er80s-d2.The weld strength of this electrode is basically close to the strength of 4130 material itself.Er70s-2 can also be considered, but the strength of the welding seam is slightly weak.

Q: If you use er70s-2 wire, do you sacrifice strength and gain better ductility?

        A: yes, when the wire is fused with the base material, the strength of the wire is generally less than 4130.However, through reasonable structural design (such as adding stiffeners or support tubes), multi-point supports and longer welds can make up for the lack of strength of the wire itself.

Q: Why don't you recommend 4130 wire?

       A: 4130 welding wire is generally used on the workpiece which will be heat treated in the back channel.Because of the hardness and lack of ductility, it is not recommended to use sports equipment such as airplanes, racing frames and tumbling frames.

Q: Can another wire be used for 4130?

       Answer: some masters like to use austenitic stainless steel wire to weld 4130 steel tubes.Stainless steel welding wires 310 and 312 are also available.Other grades of stainless steel can cause cracking, and stainless steel welding wire is usually more expensive.

Q: Does 4130 workpiece need heat treatment to de-stress after welding?

        A: thin wall pipe is generally do not need to stress, wall thickness more than 0.12 or 3 mm of material is best able to heat treatment after welding, fitting the best processing temperature is 1100 degrees Fahrenheit (593 degrees c), the formation of oxygen and acetylene neutral flame can be used to heat, to keep moving in the heating process in order to avoid local overheating.

Q: Does 4130 material need to be cleaned before welding?

       Answer: the impurities and oil on the surface of the steel tube need to be cleaned with medium sandpaper and acetone. Burrs and corner tips need to be polished. The clean contact surface will produce better welding effect.

Q: Does 4130 material need gas protection on the back when welding?

       A: there is generally no need for gas protection on the back of the weld, although some masters do this as well.

Q: Can the welded workpiece be quenched?

        Answer: no, rapid quenching of welding workpiece will cause many problems, such as cracks or layered tearing, be sure to let the workpiece naturally cool.

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