petroleum pipe line

- Feb 28, 2020-

          The petroleum pipe line (also known as pipeline and pipeline) is composed of oil pipe and its accessories. According to the needs of the process flow, it is equipped with corresponding oil pump unit, designed and installed as a complete pipeline system, which is used to complete the oil unloading and transmission tasks.

          petroleum pipe line system, which used to transport oil and petroleum products pipeline system, mainly by pipelines, oil stations and other related auxiliary equipment components, is one of the main oil storage and transportation equipment industry, as well as the most important crude oil and petroleum products transportation equipment, compared with the same mode of transport on land belonging to the rail and road oil, oil pipeline has a large volume, tightness, low cost and high safety factor.

          The pipeline is generally steel pipe, welding and flanges from the pipe connection means growth, and use of the valve opening and closing control and flow regulation. The main transport pipeline isothermal heat delivery order and delivery transport process and the like. Pipeline corrosion and how corrosion is an important part of pipeline maintenance. Currently oil pipeline has become one of the main transport tool, and still has considerable development potential in the future. 
1, the interior of the pipeline company 
2, a long distance pipeline 
3, crude oil pipeline 
4, refined oil pipeline

petroleum pipe line1

petroleum pipe line3

petroleum pipe line5

petroleum pipe line 4


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