Precautions for storage of Engineering straight welded pipe

- Dec 05, 2019-

Precautions for storage of Engineering straight welded pipe
1. Select appropriate place and warehouse
(1) the place or warehouse where the steel pipes are kept shall be clean and free of water and away from the factories or mines where harmful gases or dust occur. Weeds and all sundries shall be eradicated on the site, and steel pipes shall be kept clean.
(2) it is not allowed to pile up with acid, alkali, salt, cement and other materials that are corrosive to steel pipes in the warehouse. Different types of steel pipes should be piled up separately to prevent turbidity and touch corrosion.
(3) large section steel, steel rail, dishonored steel plate, large diameter steel pipe, forging, etc. can be stacked in the open air.
(4) small and medium-sized section steel, wire rod, steel bar, medium diameter steel pipe, steel wire and steel wire rope can be stored in the well ventilated material shed, but it is necessary to cover and pad them.  

2. Reasonable stacking, first in first out
(1) under the condition of stable and safe stacking, stacking shall be carried out according to varieties and specifications, and materials of different varieties shall be stacked separately to prevent turbidity and mutual corrosion.
(2) it is forbidden to store the articles with corrosive effect on the steel pipe near the stacking position.
(3) the bottom of the stack shall be padded high, stable and flat to prevent the material from moisture or deformation.
(4) the same kind of materials shall be stacked according to the warehousing sequence, so as to implement the first in first out principle.
(5) for the section steel piled up in the open air, it is necessary to have wood pad or strip stone under it, and the stacking surface is slightly skewed to facilitate drainage, and pay attention to the straightness of the material placement to prevent the formation of zigzag deformation.
(6) the stacking height shall not exceed 1.2m for manual operation, 1.5m for mechanical operation and 2.5m for stacking width.
(7) there should be a certain channel between the stacks. The inspection channel is generally 0.5m, and the access channel is generally depending on the size of the material and the transport machinery
(8) if the warehouse is on the cement ground of Chaoyang, the pile bottom shall be padded with a height of 0.1M; if it is on the mud ground, it shall be padded with a height of 0.2-0.5m. If it is an open-air place, the cement ground is 0.3-0.5m high, and the sand mud surface is 0.5-0.7m high.
(9) angle steel and channel steel stacked in the open air shall be placed in a downward position, I-beam shall be placed in a vertical position, and I-channel surface of the steel pipe shall not be upward to prevent water accumulation and rust.

3. Packaging and protective layer of protective materials preservatives or other plating and packaging applied by the steel factory before leaving the factory are important measures to prevent materials from rusting. 

Attention shall be paid to the protection in the process of transportation and loading and unloading, which shall not be damaged, and the storage period of materials can be extended.  

4. Adhere to warehouse cleaning and strengthen material maintenance
(1) before entering the warehouse, the materials shall be kept away from rain or impurities, and the materials that have been rained or soiled shall be cleaned by different methods according to their properties, such as steel wire brush with high hardness, cloth and cotton with low hardness, etc
(2) the materials shall be inspected frequently after being put into storage. If there is any rust, the rust layer shall be removed.
(3) generally, the surface of steel pipe shall be eradicated after cleaning, without oil coating, but for high-quality steel, alloy steel sheet, thin-walled pipe, alloy steel pipe, etc., after rust removal, the inner surface shall be coated with antirust oil before storage.
(4) steel pipes with severe corrosion shall not be kept for a long time after derusting, and shall be used quickly.

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