Process characteristics of rectangular steel tube

- Jun 14, 2019-

Process characteristics of rectangular steel tube.Like other steel pipe materials, rectangular steel pipe production is based on national or industrial standards, so the width, height and wall thickness are generally some commonly used size.Rectangular square pipe refers to hollow metal profile with rectangular and square cross section, which is used in construction, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, hardware, steel structure engineering and other industries.Next small make up to introduce to you.

According to the common specifications of rectangular steel tube in the market, the theoretical weight scale of rectangular square tube and the technological characteristics of rectangular steel tube are made by the people's heart.


Theoretical weight calculation of rectangular steel pipe

According to the principle of weight = density x volume, the calculation formula of rectangular steel pipe is as follows:

Theoretical weight (kg/m)=(width + height)*2* wall thickness *0.00785, where width, height and wall thickness are measured in unit of kilogramme.

rectangular steel tubes sizes

For example, a square rectangular pipe of 100*80*4 weighs (100+80)*2*4*0.00785=11.304KG per meter.

Two, rectangular steel tube process requirements

(1) the rectangular straight pipe must be made on the special import assembly line, to ensure the precision and tightness of the air pipe.

(2) the cutting of rectangular air duct accessories should be completed automatically by using computer software on the imported special machines, and by the imported sheet metal special plasma cutting machine to complete the automatic plasma cutting process.

(3) rectangular duct bite connection should be used for the automatic bite of the import of the process.

(4) the connection between the rectangular air duct body and the socket flange shall adopt the rivet-free connection technology, and the imported equipment shall be used for the rivet-free connection technology.

(5) rectangular duct connection flange connect flange should be adopted and splice flange connection technology, duct great lengths less than or equal to 2000 mm, total plate should be adopted when the flange connection pipe lengths greater than 2000 mm and less than or equal to 2500 mm, the plug should be adopted when the flange connection rectangular duct should be mechanical reinforcement, the reinforcement spacing is about 300 mm.


Three, rectangular steel tube process characteristics

1. Advanced technology.The use of international first-class CNC equipment for pipe manufacturing, computer software programming, just put the relevant data into the shape of the duct, a few seconds after the automatic generation of accessories, the number of components and data connection to the plasma cutting machine automatic cutting.

2. Diversified air ducts.Complete specifications, which brings convenience to design and selection, to meet the needs of different hvac engineering systems.

3. Good interchangeability.Accurate size, standard fitting, easy replacement.No. 10 the appearance and the inner wall of the star are smooth and smooth, purely from the appearance of the product effect, the appearance is smooth and beautiful;From the point of view of duct performance, due to the smooth inner wall and good streamline, the wind resistance of duct is small.

On the rectangular square tube theory weight scale, rectangular steel tube process characteristics of the relevant information is introduced here, I hope this article is helpful to you.

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