Technical parameters of Equal diameter welded tee

- Sep 06, 2019-

   Equal diameter welded tee

      Basic parameters: socket welding for dn15-dn50, butt welding for DN65 and above.

Equal diameter welded tee

Production process:

       Stainless steel tube → blanking → bulging → punching forming → flat head → welding mouth (or interface) → solid fusion treatment → whitening → grinding welding mark → polishing → air pressure detection → surface detection → labeling and qualification certificate → packaging and storage.

Technical parameters: 

1. Execution and Reference Standards: GB/T 12771-2000 Welded Stainless Steel Pipe for Fluid Transport and GB/T 12459-2005 Seamless Steel Pipe Fittings for Butt Welding.

2. Working temperature: - 40 ~200 C; 

3. Tensile strength: not less than 520 Mpa, elongation not less than 35%, the measured value of this product is 733 Mpa;

4. Flattening experiment: Flattening the pipe to 1/3 of the outer diameter, there will be no cracks or cracks;

5. Air pressure test: each pipe is tested by 1.6 Mpa air pressure test.

6. Pressure test: After connecting the pipe with the fittings, there is no leakage at the joint under the condition of 2.5 Mpa and holding pressure for 5 minutes.

7. Drawing test: The drawing force of socket argon arc welded pipe is 3 times of the national standard. 

8. Corrosion resistance: The welds of pipe fittings are not corroded by salt spray test.

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