The cause of the stainless steel tube cracking

- Aug 14, 2020-

Relevant experts inspected the cracked steel pipe and analyzed the water quality of the steel pipe. The results showed that the cracks were stress corrosion cracks.

When stainless steel pipes are used in a temperature environment of 60-120℃, the chloride ion content and total hardness of the water in the steel pipes are seriously exceeded, which is the main reason for the stress corrosion cracking of the stainless steel pipes. It is metal cracking caused by environmental corrosion.

There must be two conditions for cracking, namely stress and corrosive media.

Stress corrosion is one of the important failure modes of stainless steel. Typical stress corrosion cracks are dendritic. The research on the stress corrosion behavior of stainless steel in different corrosive media environment is an important content of the corrosion research of stainless steel.

This article combines actual examples to illustrate the process of stress corrosion cracking in stainless steel and the damage to the equipment, analyze its causes, and find reasonable methods to avoid stress corrosion cracking.

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