The following items shall be noted in the anticorrosion of carbon steel pipe fittings

- Apr 11, 2019-

Any pipe fitting processing process is very strict, otherwise it will not guarantee the quality, its process is a lot of, the process is also very careful, such as carbon steel pipe, the last process is painting, so what should pay attention to the carbon steel pipe painting?Let me explain it to you.

carbon steel pipe

First, some knowledge of pipe fitting

There are many letter symbols on the pipe fittings, which symbolize the name of the pipe fittings.

Second, the carbon steel pipe painting

At this time a very important process in carbon steel pipe fittings, mostly, antirust paint can be coated with two methods, one is directly above the pipe with the brush brush, one is a spray gun to paint, attention should be paid to remove pipe must be clean, to be able to paint, cannot have above earth, hairy, have impurities, such as otherwise it will affect the effect of the painting.

Third, when painting to see the original color of the pipe

Be sure to clean up the pipe fittings, there can be no sludge above, to see the original color of the pipe, to see the paint production date, can not be used over the period, if the paint is very sticky and thick, you must first dilute, and then apply, stir evenly, you can use.

carbon steel pipe

Fourth, the detection of carbon steel pipe fittings

Quality testing is very important to look at it and inside surface is smooth, oxidation, if unqualified to processing, the top of the pipe can't be abscission, there can be no scars and wrinkles, some do not serious scratches and small hole can be removed at the time of quality inspection, don't bother, must seriously attentively.

Fifth, the carbon steel pipe fittings paint do not be blown by the wind

The coating of carbon steel pipe fittings should be carried out in the factory building without wind. The surface of pipe fittings should be coated with paint, and the coating should be even. The interior and exterior should be the same.


Kill good paint after carbon steel pipe fittings, we can put them in the box, inside the box and put the certificate of approval, the product of the specifications of the single, single, etc., products of carbon steel pipe fittings with good plastic cloth, so as not to be affected with damp be affected with damp, sealing the bag, and showed his company's name on the box, printed on official seal, the time of loading box and the signature of the inspector, and so on.

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