The main advantages of cold drawn seamless steel tube

- Dec 20, 2019-

         Cold drawn precision seamless steel tube is a kind of precision cold drawn seamless steel tube with high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish for mechanical structure and hydraulic equipment. Choosing precise seamless tube to manufacture mechanical structure or hydraulic equipment can greatly save machining time, improve material utilization rate and improve product quality.
         Cold drawn (rolled) pipe can be divided into two types: round pipe and special-shaped pipe: cold drawn steel pipe generally needs to be drawn many times, and there should be corresponding stress relief annealing between each drawing to ensure the next smooth cold drawing. The cold-rolled seamless steel tube is usually small diameter from the appearance, and the hot-rolled seamless steel tube is usually large diameter. The precision of cold rolled seamless steel tube is higher than that of hot rolled seamless steel tube, and the price is also higher than that of hot rolled seamless steel tube. The diameter of cold drawn seamless pipe is generally smaller, mostly under 127mm.
          In particular, the accuracy of the outer diameter of cold drawn seamless pipe is very high, and the length of cold drawn seamless pipe is generally shorter than that of hot-rolled seamless pipe. The thickness of cold drawn seamless tube is more uniform than that of hot rolled seamless tube.

         Cold drawn seamless steel pipe is a kind of industrial material. We usually don't see this product. In order to let you know about it, let the manufacturer of cold drawn seamless steel pipe tell us what advantages it has. The application range of this kind of pipe is very wide. The manufacturer galvanized the square pipe in the production process, so it can be widely used. It can be used for curtain wall, It is used in construction, machinery manufacturing and other industries, even in automobile chassis, airport and so on. It can be seen that its durability is very strong, its impact resistance is strong, its service life is very long, and it will not be damaged in general. You can use it safely without worrying about its quality.  

          Cold drawn seamless steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe with smooth outer wall. It is also a type of seamless steel pipe. What are its advantages? According to the manufacturer of cold drawn seamless steel pipe, its production process is relatively simple, and its production efficiency is relatively high. It can be produced in batches with low cost, so its price is low. However, its quality is very good and it is very durable. When customers buy it, they will not By worrying about its quality, it can be used for many years. There are many specifications of hot and cold drawn seamless steel pipes. Customers can look for product specifications according to their own needs. There are also many choices. Its corrosion resistance is also very strong. Generally, it will not be affected by external objects. It can ensure its own characteristics, can be used in harsh environment, and has strong adaptability. Spiral elevator The manufacturer told us that the hot and cold drawn seamless steel pipe is a very practical material with good quality, long service life and very durable.

         Steel pipe for pipeline, steel pipe for thermal equipment, steel pipe for mechanical industry, steel pipe for petroleum and geological drilling, steel pipe for vessel, steel pipe for chemical industry, steel pipe for special purpose, etc.
(1) Pipes for pipes. Such as: seamless pipe for water, gas pipe, steam pipe, oil transmission pipe, oil and natural gas trunk pipe. Agricultural irrigation faucet with pipe and sprinkler pipe.
(2) Pipes for thermal equipment. For example, boiling water pipe, superheated steam pipe for general boiler, superheated pipe, large smoke pipe, small smoke pipe, arch brick pipe and high temperature and high pressure boiler pipe for locomotive boiler, etc.
(3) Pipe for mechanical industry. For example, aviation structural pipe (round pipe, elliptical pipe, flat elliptical pipe), automobile half axle pipe, axle pipe, automobile tractor structural pipe, tractor oil cooler pipe, agricultural machinery square pipe and rectangular pipe, transformer pipe and bearing pipe, etc.
(4) Pipe for petroleum geological drilling. Such as: oil drilling pipe, oil drill pipe (Kelly and hexagonal drill pipe), spud, oil tubing, oil casing and various pipe joints, geological drilling pipe (core pipe, casing, active drill pipe, spud, collar and pin joint, etc.).
(5) Pipe for chemical industry. Such as: oil cracking pipe, heat exchanger and pipe of chemical equipment, stainless acid resistant pipe, high pressure pipe for chemical fertilizer and pipe for chemical medium transmission, etc.
(6) Other departments. Such as: container pipe (high pressure cylinder pipe and general container pipe), instrument pipe, watch shell pipe, injection needle and medical device pipe, etc.

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