What are the main applications of copper alloys?

- Dec 08, 2020-

Construction industry

Because copper water pipe has many advantages such as beautiful and durable, convenient installation, safety and fire prevention, health care, etc., it has a significantly superior price performance ratio compared with galvanized steel pipe and plastic pipe. In residential and public buildings, it is used for water supply, heating, gas supply and fire sprinkler system.


Electrical industry

1. Power transmission

A large amount of high-conductivity copper is consumed in power transmission, which is mainly used for power wires and cables, busbars, transformers, switches, plug-in components and connectors.

2. Motor manufacturing

In motor manufacturing, copper alloys with high conductivity and high strength are widely used.

3. Communication cable

Due to the advantages of large current-carrying capacity of optical fiber cables, copper cables have been continuously replaced on communication trunk lines, and their applications have been rapidly promoted.

4. Residential electrical wiring

5. Electronic industry

The electronics industry is a new industry, and in the process of its flourishing development, new steel products and new application fields have been continuously developed. Its application has developed from electric vacuum devices and printed circuits to microelectronics and semiconductor integrated circuits.

6. Electric vacuum device

Electric vacuum devices are mainly high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency transmitting tubes, waveguides, magnetrons,etc.They require high-purity oxygen-free copper and dispersion-strengthened oxygen-free copper.

7. Printed circuit

In the circuit connection, various copper-based brazing materials with low price, low melting point and good fluidity are needed.

8. Integrated circuit

The core of microelectronics technology is integrated circuits.

9. Lead frame

Copper alloys are inexpensive, have high strength, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, excellent processability, solderability and corrosion resistance. Through alloying, their performance can be controlled in a wide range, which can better meet the performance of the lead frame Requirements, has become an important material for lead frames.

Transportation industry

1. Ship

Due to good seawater corrosion resistance, many copper alloys, such as aluminum bronze, manganese bronze, aluminum brass, gunmetal (tin-zinc bronze), white steel, and nickel-copper alloy (Monel) have become standard materials for shipbuilding. Generally, copper and copper alloy account for 2 to 3% of the weight of warships and merchant ships.

2. Car

Copper and copper alloys are mainly used in radiators, brake system pipelines, hydraulic devices, gears, bearings, brake friction linings, power distribution and power systems, gaskets, and various joints, accessories and trims. Among them, the radiator is relatively large. Modern tube strip radiators are welded with brass strips to form radiator tubes, and thin copper strips are bent to form heat sinks.

3. Railway

The electrification of railways requires a lot of copper and copper alloys. In addition, the motors, rectifiers, and control, braking, electrical and signal systems on the train all rely on copper and copper alloys to work.

4. Airplane

The navigation of the aircraft is also inseparable from copper. For example, the wiring, hydraulic, cooling and pneumatic systems in the aircraft need to use copper materials, the bearing retainers and landing gear bearings are made of aluminum bronze pipes, the navigation instruments use antimagnetic steel alloys, and many instruments use broken copper elastic components.

5. Light industry

6. Air conditioners and freezers

Used in the manufacture of heat exchangers in air conditioners, refrigerators, chemical and waste heat recovery devices.

7. Clocks

With copper alloy as the main material, the cost is low.

8. Papermaking

The surface of the paper looks simple, but the papermaking process is very complicated. It requires many steps and uses many machines, including coolers, evaporators, beaters, paper machines, and so on.

9. Printing

10. Medicine

In the pharmaceutical industry, all kinds of steaming, boiling, and vacuum devices are made of pure copper. In medical equipment, zinc cupronickel is widely used. Copper alloy is also a common material for spectacle frames.

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