What is S275 grade steel?

- Mar 09, 2021-

S275JR (European standard) is hot-rolled non-alloy structural steel, engineering and structural steel, general carbon structural steel. Ease of processing, welding and forming makes it a very useful general-purpose steel.

What is S275 grade steel_

Form: steel bar, steel plate, steel strip, wire rod, forging   

Executive standard: EN10025(1994)-1 is also carbon structural steel and low-alloy structural steel for engineering and structural steel. JR indicates that this number has no special requirements such as cold forming and is usually delivered without heat treatment.

The chemical composition requires C<=0.21%, Mn<=1.5%, Si is not required, P<=0.045%, S<=0.045%, N<=0.009%, generally the carbon equivalent of nominal thickness<=40mm<=0.40% .

Mechanical properties yield strength>=275MPa, tensile strength 430-580MPa, elongation>=14%,

But the European standard requirements are more detailed, and the performance of different thicknesses is slightly different.

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