What is the difference between cold rolled and cold drawn?

- Jun 18, 2020-

The technological is different.

Cold rolling mill has large single pass deformation and slow production rhythm.

The cold-drawn single-pass deformation is small, it needs to pass through multiple-pass annealing, pickling and lubrication, the process is cumbersome, and the cost is higher than cold rolling.

Cold rolling is rolling below recrystallization temperature ; sometimes the cold rolling will be heated, but the temperature is relatively low, because after cold rolling will produce work hardening, if the requirements for the molding of the material are relatively high, annealing is also required .

Cold drawn is generally cylindrical cross-section wire. Cold rolling is a low-carbon, low-alloy steel. Through cold rolling, it can increase the strength and ensure the surface quality of the material.

Cold drawing refers to the method of applying a pulling force on one end of the material to pull the material through a die hole. The diameter of the die is smaller than the diameter of the material. Cold-drawn steel tube-Cold-drawn processing makes the material have extrusion deformation in addition to tensile deformation. Cold-drawn processing is generally carried out on a special cold-drawn machine. The cold drawn material has better performance than the cold rolling material.

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