Difference between stainless steel ornamental tube and polished tube

- May 07, 2020-

Stainless steel ornamental tube and  stainless steel polished tube mainly differ in the material and their usage:

1. Stainless steel ornamental tube, also namely decorative tube, for the most part, is stainless iron which contains limited Nickel.And usually, it is 201 welded stainless steel tube. Generally speaking, the material is a little bit worse than the ordinary stainless steel. It is mainly used for indoor decoration, such as indoor railings, handrails, stair guard and its railings, windows, etc.. The thickness of steel tube is much thinner.

2. Polishing stainless steel tube, including 201 polishing tube and 304 polishing tube, is different from stainless steel ornamental tube. The material is much better. The raw tube appears to be a bit rough, not smooth when it is newly made. Therefore it needs to be polished, in order to make the surface smooth.Most of them is made out of austenitic stainless steel containing nickel, with good corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, the price is much more expensive. It is mainly applied in industrial and outdoor decoration.

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