What's the difference between straight tee pipe fitting and mechanical tee?

- Jun 10, 2019-

What's the difference between straight tee pipe fitting and mechanical tee?

1. Mechanical tee can be used to connect branch pipe directly on the steel pipe. 
2. Firstly, use the opening machine to open the hole on the steel pipe, and then clip the mechanical tee into the hole, and seal the hole around by the sealing ring along the pipe wall.Mechanical three - way splice and groove - type two.
3. positive tee branch pipe and the main pipe into 90 degrees tee.

straight tee pipe fitting definition

4.groove connection is widely used in building hydrant system and sprinkler system.Branch pipe joint is a saddle-shaped joint connecting branch pipe after cutting holes in the middle of straight tee pipe fitting. It is divided into two types: mechanical tee and mechanical tee.Groove tee and mechanical tee are generally not marked on the design drawings.The connection mode of mechanical tee or mechanical tee and branch pipe has groove connection and screw connection, when the branch pipe is less than DN50, and the main pipe diameter is more than 2 times the branch diameter, mechanical tee can be used (directly in the main pipe hole, spray branch pipe and the main pipe connection is more), other cases with groove tee.The groove tee here is a straight tee pipe fitting (the center line of the main branch is at right angles), because it is not like UPVC pipe, cast iron pipe in addition to the triangle Y tee (oblique tee), TY tee.The straight tee pipe fitting is called the same way as the galvanized fittings, except that the galvanized tee is connected with wire buckle, while the straight tee pipe fitting here is connected with groove, the flat mouth end of each pipe annular groove is processed and shaped by a special groove rolling machine, and the pipe connection needs 3 pairs of clamp of corresponding specifications to complete a joint, suitable for the main pipe connection.As for the main pipe of the mechanical tee, only use the opening machine to open the hole without grooving, while the branch pipe or grooving (grooved connection) or sleeve wire (threaded connection) is suitable for the connection between the main branch pipe (such as the spray pipe of the spray system).In addition, there is a kind of small mechanical tee, but changed the clamp into a u-shaped card. In my opinion, this kind of small mechanical tee and branch pipe are mainly connected by thread, and there may be no groove connection.Positive tee generally refers to three nozzles with the same diameter and reducing three nozzles with three different diameters.The straight tee pipe fitting is used for connecting pipes of the same diameter, while the reducing tee is used for connecting pipes of different diameters.The branch diameter of the mechanical tee connection can never be equal to the main pipe diameter.

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