What should be paid attention to in the storage of galvanized steel pipe?

- Aug 22, 2019-

Galvanized steel pipe is actually galvanized steel pipe

     This is mainly because it increases the corrosion resistance of steel pipe, so it is evenly coated with zinc. It can prevent the erosion of other chemicals such as water vapor and protect the steel strip. It is non-destructive and effectively prolongs its service life. Generally purchased steel strips are rolled in large quantities by galvanized steel pipe manufacturers, so care should be taken when storing them.

galvanized steel pipe

The storage of galvanized steel pipe should pay attention to the following points:

1.The first is where to store it.It cannot be put in the open air, because in the open air, not only can the safety of all kinds of products, such as theft, but also corrosion problems occur.Open Spaces are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions.A lot of rain or snow will erode the zinc coating on the surface to the greatest extent, which may cause the product to rust.

2.The second is the storage details.It's not directly exposed to sunlight.It should be cooled and dried. It should not be stored with corrosive materials.

3.Third galvanized steel pipe shall be stored in dustproof function to keep clean and new function.

galvanized steel pipe 1

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