Which industries will use stainless steel welded pipe?

- Dec 31, 2020-

The annual output of stainless steel pipes accounts for about 8% to 16% of the total steel volume and is an important product in the steel industry. The stainless steel welded pipe is widely used in architectural decoration and industrial production, such as stair handrails, window guards, railings, furniture, etc. The common materials are 201 and 304. Stainless steel welded pipe is safe, reliable, economical, and environmentally friendly, making it extremely widely used in the national economy.
Which industries will use stainless steel welded pipe?

1. Since the stainless steel welded pipe has a hollow section, it is most suitable as a pipeline for liquids, gases and solids;

2. Structural parts made of stainless steel welded pipes have a larger section modulus than solid parts under the same weight. Therefore, stainless steel pipe itself is a kind of economical section steel that saves metal. It is an important part of high-efficiency steel, and it has also become an important material for various machinery and building structures. With the development of new technologies such as atomic energy, rockets, missiles, and aerospace industries, stainless steel pipes have become increasingly important in the defense industry, science and technology, and economic construction.

3. Since stainless steel welded pipe has many ideal properties required by building materials, it can be said to be unique among metal pipes, and its development continues. In order to make stainless steel pipes perform better in traditional applications, the existing types have been improved, and in order to meet the strict requirements of advanced construction applications, new stainless steel pipes are being developed. Due to the continuous improvement of production efficiency and continuous improvement of quality, stainless steel pipe has become one of the most cost-effective materials certified by architects.

Stainless steel welded pipes are now mainly used in industrial machinery, automobile exhaust, light industry, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, sewage treatment, water supply, machinery and other fields. They also have a certain proportion in chemical, fertilizer, petrochemical and other industries, and they are generally selected low-pressure pipes. Above Φ159 mm.

Stainless steel welded pipes are also used in automobile mufflers, and stainless steel welded pipes are also widely used in automobile mufflers and exhaust systems. In recent years, the amount has been increasing.

Stainless steel seamless pipes are mainly used in chemical, fertilizer, chemical fiber, petroleum, electric power, boilers, machinery, aerospace, nuclear energy industry, defense industry and other fields. Now they are gradually replaced by stainless steel welded pipes, and the application of stainless steel welded pipes is becoming more and more. Come more and more widely.

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