3EP Coated Steel Tube

3EP coated steel tube Generally used in municipal and major building water supply and drainage above, it is the outer wall coating high adhesion, impact resistance, anti-corrosion weather-resistant thermosetting powder coating, inner wall coating high adhesion, anti-corrosion thermoplastic...
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       3EP Coated Steel Tube

        It is a thermosetting powder coating with high adhesion, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and weathering resistance for exterior wall coating, and a thermoplastic powder coating with high adhesion and corrosion resistance for interior wall coating.

        It is made of sand blasting chemical double pretreatment, preheating, internal coating, external coating, curing, post-treatment and other processes. Coated steel pipe has the advantages of smooth wall, good drainage performance, small fluid resistance and no scaling, which can greatly reduce the loss compared with other pipes.

        At the same time, the linear expansion coefficient of the plastic coated pipe is very small, which makes it very advantageous as the main pipeline, and greatly overcomes the defects of the large linear expansion coefficient of other plastics and ordinary pipes. Large diameter coated steel pipe is a high cost-effective product upgraded from traditional steel pipe, plastic pipe and galvanized pipe. The comprehensive characteristics are high strength, high expansibility, low temperature brittleness, small expansion coefficient, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, fluid resistance, small and other advantages of the steel pipe. It belongs to a new green large-diameter pipe for water supply, drainage and corrosion protection, which is more and more widely used by the domestic industry.

        The hot water pipeline shall be fire-fighting plastic coated composite pipe, and the polyethylene lining shall be prepared in advance. When sealant is used, it must be sealed with heat-resistant rubber. Hot water cannot be used directly for cold water pipes and fittings.

        At present, the high ratio fire water supply pipes of plastic coated composite pipes and fire pipe systems are easy to absorb the steel pipe wall after high temperature preheating due to the coating of thermosetting powder materials and epoxy resin on the internal and external walls. The wall is not easy to rust, expand, breed microorganisms, make the pipe wall smooth, and have small fluid resistance. Through the absorption and absorption of the steel pipe epoxy resin test, It is not easy to drop off. The fire plastic coated composite water pipe passed the continuous high-temperature combustion test, burning at 300 ℃ for an hour, which has reached the limit, indicating that the pipe has a strong high-temperature resistance. In addition to the above performance, the pipe also has a strong impact resistance, health and safety high-strength performance, which is suitable for the field of fire sprinkler system.

         3ep coated steel pipe solves the common corrosion and scaling problems of fire water supply pipes in underground and water transmission projects. It will not block the pipeline and nozzle, which improves the service life of the fire water supply pipeline. At the same time, the maintenance cost is reduced and the cost of replacing the pipeline is saved.

        Both EP and PE composite steel pipes have been treated with excellent anti-static treatment from inside to outside. The effective anti-static materials and components are evenly distributed on every small point inside and outside the whole pipe. The anti-static ability has reached the standard of the same industry in China, and even exceeded the overall level, which is suitable for the special underground operation of coal mines in China. 

In addition, our inner and outer coated steel pipes have fire resistance performance, which is also produced according to relevant standards. Other pipe locks do not have this feature.

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