Covid 19 - Effects On Steel Industry

- Apr 26, 2020-

The time frame for the end of the outbreak remains uncertain now. And all business are crying out for certainty. A member of the highlevel expert group of the national health commission, cited: "The end time of the global epidemic should be longer than June. It is impossible to tell when the outbreak will end domestically, because not a single country can move forward without the rest of the world." All the world is waiting to see when the uncertainty will be got rid of. The outbreak is raising concerns about global growth expectations, which is predicted to be the lowest since the global financial crisis in 2008.

For a while at least, this made it harder for the global steel industry to cope with the effects, but that the outbreak in China has been somewhat curbed. China is where the largest of the world's manufacturing industry locates, the largest and longest and most complete industrial chain.With the implementation of returning to work and normal production policy, and much more flexible monetary policy, fiscal policy, and a traditional infrastructure and superposition to boost demand, China's steel industry will continue to take an active part in the global steel industry, with more than half of the world’s crude steel production,one of the biggest manufacturing bases for seamless and welded steel pipes, bars,pipe fittings and so on. It will help alleviate pressures in demand and challenges of supply chain, also boost the confidence of the global steel industry.

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