Development Of EAF Steelmaking Technology

- Jan 18, 2019-

In the future, the innovation and development of EAF steelmaking technology in China are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1.Continue to strengthen the High efficiency Operation of Electric Arc Furnace.In order to shorten the smelting period and realize the comprehensive control of the system, under the premise of adopting advanced technology to ensure the optimum quality of steel and the lowest comprehensive consumption, the smelting period should be shortened as far as possible, and the whole process bottom blowing technology with nitrogen instead of argon should be adopted. Low nitrogen arc furnace steel production technology, terminal control technology, optimization power supply technology, furnace structure optimization technology.

2.Optimize production process and reduce production cost. Cost is the decisive factor in iron and steel production. It is necessary to reduce the cost to promote the development of EAF steelmaking technology. In order to optimize the production process, strengthen the fine management and operation, we should optimize the charging structure, reduce the consumption of iron and steel, add alloy concentrate and reductant to realize direct alloying and recycle of scrap slag, etc. The process cost and guarantee system cost are the lowest.

3.Optimize EAF steelmaking process. In order to achieve high efficiency of EAF, shortening the smelting period is the core, and the premise is process optimization. Angang adopts the production process of 100t electric arc furnace dephosphorization, slag free production, converter less slag blowing, LF furnace refining, continuous casting, connecting high wire, type bar and 2800 mm plate mill. The superhigh power arc furnace was transformed into a hot metal pretreatment furnace.

4.Is to optimize the variety structure, production of high added-value products. For the product structure of smelting steel in EAF, the optimization should focus on the high alloy steel, superalloy and large forgings which are not suitable for production in converter process, and some alloy steels which can be produced by converter process but whose domestic output is not high at present. In the past it was possible to produce only converter processes, but modern EAF can also produce a variety of products, such as high value-added plates (sheet, medium plate, thick plate); High-quality high-carbon steel (e. G. Prestressed steel strand, steel cord) and low-alloy steel (such as alloy cold heading steel), etc.

The development of EAF equipment technology. It is necessary to actively develop large capacity arc furnace transformers, further enhance the high power level and high impedance technology level of arc furnace, strengthen the research and development of clean and environmental protection type arc furnace flue gas waste heat recovery equipment, develop simple and practical arc furnace equipment; Further improve the electric arc furnace operation and control system.






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