Investigation On Safeguard Measures For Imported Steel Thread Fasteners In South Africa

- Mar 18, 2019-

         In March 4, 2019, the WTO safeguards Committee issued a notice on safeguards filed by the delegation of South Africa. In March 1, 2019, the South African iron and Steel Association (SouthAfricanIronandSteelInstitute) filed an investigation into the safeguards for importing iron and steel fasteners (ThreadedFastenersofIronorSteel) in South Africa. The South African tax numbers for the products involved are 7318.15.417318.15.42 and 7318.16.30. The investigation period was July 1, 2014 ~2018 June 30th.

         Stakeholders shall, within 20th from the date of filing the case, register, submit comments and applications for the hearing. Contact details of the investigating authority:

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