Production Technology And Distinction Of Flange

- Feb 20, 2019-

The production technology of flange is divided into four kinds

The first is forging and forging flanges. This kind of flange is relatively the best in quality and the highest in price. It is a flange with different production processes.

The second is casting flange, there are cutting flange and coiled flange these four kinds, coiled flange is big-caliber flange.  

the forging method is different from the casting flange, the flange manufactured by casting is used, the shape of the blank is accurate, the processing amount is small, the cost is relatively low, but the cast flange has air holes, cracks and other substances, The streamline of the internal structure of the casting (if it is the cutting and forging method) is generally lower than that of the casting flange, and the forging is streamlined, the structure is relatively compact, the mechanical property is superior to the casting flange, (the cutting piece, the streamline is worse), and the forging process blue is generally less likely to rust than the carbon-containing carbon of the casting flange, The forging is streamlined, the tissue is relatively dense, the mechanical property is superior to the casting flange, and the forging process can also occur The grain size is large or uneven, the hardening crack phenomenon, the forging cost is higher than the casting flange.

Forgings can withstand higher shear and tensile forces than castings. The advantages of castings are that they can produce more complex shapes and lower cost, while forgings have the advantages of uniform internal structure and no harmful defects such as pores and inclusions in castings. The casting flange is different from the forging flange from the production process, such as centrifugal flange is one kind of casting flange.  

 Cutting flanges cut flanges directly on the plate leaving a flange with machining internal and external diameters and thickness discs, and then bolt holes and waterline processing. Flanges produced in this way are called cutting flanges, and the maximum diameter of such flanges is limited to the width of the plate.    

Coiled flanges are used to produce some large flanges, large-caliber flanges, only large-caliber flanges are used for coiling, and small-caliber flanges cannot be rolled up. After the flanges have been coiled, and then welded, the coiled flanges are welded well. Then the flange needs to be flattened. Then the processing of water line and bolt hole.





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