Supply Of Oil Casing Uses And Functions

- Mar 04, 2019-

Oil casing is a kind of large diameter pipe, which plays the role of fixing oil and gas well wall or well hole. The casing is inserted into the well hole and secured with cement to prevent the borehole from separating the rock formations and borehole from collapsing, and to ensure the circulating flow of the drilling mud for drilling and mining.

Oil casing is mainly used for oil and gas well drilling and oil and gas transportation. It includes oil drilling pipe, oil casing and pumping pipe. Oil drill pipe is mainly used to connect drill collar and bit and transfer drilling power.

Oil casing Steel Grade: H40, J55,k55, N80, L80, C90,t95, P110, Q125, V150, etc. Casing End processing form: Short round thread, oblong thread, partial trapezoidal thread, special buckle and so on. Used in oil well drilling is mainly used to support the well wall during drilling and after completion, in order to ensure the drilling process and the normal operation of the whole oil well after completion.

Oil casing is inserted into the well hole, fixed with cement to prevent the borehole from separating rock formations and borehole collapses, and to ensure the circulation of drilling mud flow, in order to facilitate drilling and mining. Different types of casing used in oil extraction: surface oil casing-protects drilling so that it avoids contamination by shallow and shallow gas layers, supports wellhead equipment and maintains the weight of other layers of the casing. Technical oil casing that separates pressure at different levels for normal flow of drilling lines and protection of production sleeves. In order to install anti-bursting device, leak-proof device and tailpipe in the drilling. Oil casing, which exports oil and natural gas from the storage layer beneath the surface. Used to protect drilling, layering the drilling mud. When oil casing is produced, the outer diameter is usually 114.3 mm to 508 mm.

   Classification and function of oil casing

The oil casing is a steel pipe supporting the shaft wall of oil and gas well. According to different drilling depth and geological conditions, each well should use several layers of casing. After casing downhole, cement cementing is adopted. It is different from tubing and drill pipe, and can not be reused. It belongs to disposable consumables. Therefore, the casing consumption accounts for more than 70% of the total oil well pipe. Casing can be divided into conduit, casing, casing and casing.

oil casing 1oil casing


Important position of petroleum pipeline

Petroleum industry is a large number of industries that use petroleum pipes. Petroleum pipes play an important role in the petroleum industry.

1, the huge volume of oil pipelines, the cost of money, the cost savings and the potential to reduce costs are enormous. The consumption of oil well pipes can be calculated according to the annual drilling scale. According to the specific conditions of our country, in general, every drilling 1m requires 62kg, including casing 48kg and tubing 10kg. Drill pipe 3kg, drill collar 0.5kg;

2. The mechanical and environmental behavior of petroleum pipes has an important impact on the advanced technology and production and efficiency of the petroleum industry.

3, the loss of oil pipe failure is huge, and its safety, reliability and service life are of great importance to the petroleum industry.

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