The Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting Is The Bridge And Link Between The Pipe And The Pipe

- Apr 09, 2019-

  In essence, the purpose of the carbon steel pipe is the connection between pipe, without it, many of the pipeline is not to be able to use, can bring a lot of inconvenience to our life, it is one of the pipe and pipe connection link, there are many kinds of pipe fittings, such as and socket pipe parts, etc., you can learn some specific knowledge of pipe fittings. 

First, the unique advantages of carbon steel pipe fittings

Low carbon steel its strength and hardness is very small, has a high degree of plasticity and toughness, its forming method is cold forming, can be used in many ways, it is easy to welding, due to some of its characteristics, its cutting is very bad, but can be through some simple processing to change this situation.

Second, the ductility and toughness of carbon steel pipe fittings can be changed.


Its processing will affect the form of its plasticity and toughness, such as they are under the influence of quench aging, its material itself, some reactions will occur will affect its plasticity and toughness, if processing is not good will appear in the process of deformation fold, lead to carbon steel can't use, scrap, so pay attention to when processing to prevent the occurrence of fold deformation process, can be placed for a period of time stamping again, but the place time is not long, also can give it to add some stabilising compounds, such as aluminum, lest produce strain aging.

Third, the choice of carbon steel pipe fittings

  Design of the people have to have some standard and pipe knowledge, can be a good choice of carbon steel flange, it is mainly affected by the equipment conditions and the nature of the medium, the nature of the medium is the main factor affecting the choice of carbon steel flange, such as is the general medium or special medium and so on, the parameter of the medium is how much. 


Fourth, the main role of carbon steel pipe fitting

      people have a lot of requirements for carbon steel pipe fittings, the forms and types of carbon steel pipe fittings are more and more, including carbon steel flange is a kind of carbon steel pipe fittings, but also the most popular and any kind of use.There are a lot of impurities will affect the performance of carbon steel flange, so we in the process of processing to try to  reduce these impurities, try to remove them to improve the performance of carbon steel pipe. 

  But there are many people do not know its specific use, in fact, it has two purposes, the first role it is the connection between the pipe parts, the second role can be the pipe and valve together, it can turn the independent pipe into a whole to meet the needs of people.

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