The Socket Fittings Can Be Made Or Plated To Prevent Corrosion

- Mar 27, 2019-

      In order to prevent the corrosion of pipe fittings, we can apply a layer of paint on the surface of the pipe fittings, or use electroplating method to prevent them from rusting, which is equivalent to adding a layer of protective film to the pipe fittings. In the process of construction or transportation and preservation, we cannot destroy the film, otherwise the corrosion will occur.

First, the advantages of socket and socket parts

      It is saving resource, its appearance is very smooth, the brightness is very big, very clean, its interior is also very smooth, can let the flow of liquid flow, no resistance, also is a kind of pipe fitting is very safe, it is can be recycled again, very accord with the requirement of environmental protection, heat preservation ability is also high, good temperature tolerance, it reduces the pressure loss, saving the cost of transportation, very clean, not easy to accumulate scale.

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Second, its tensile strength is very high

     It has a high tensile degrees, it is general pipe fittings of a few times, ductility and toughness is very high, in the range of specified temperature, it can be very safe to use, will not release harmful substances, material performance is very stable, it won't formation pollution, is a green environmental protection of pipe fittings, in line with the concept of sustainable development, have great economic effect.

Thirdly, it has no peculiar smell and will not cause pollution

    Its material has no harmful substances, no odor, very clear, will not transport the material to form a second pollution, can maintain the nature of the transport material, will not form some impurities, some socket is very suitable for the transport of hot water, because its loss of human energy is very small.

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Fourth, the rust removal of socket and socket parts

      Want to clear the bilge of the surface first, a few mud to wait, let the reoccupy after letting clear agent clear the oily mark with bad clear off, can use special knife to clear off rustily, will clear the rustily of corner place with small scraper, also can use gauze and steel wire brush to clear rustily, or it is to touch a few cleaner with dishcloth to clear rustily.

 Concentric Reducer Pipe Fittings

Fifth, the stability of socket and socket

     Socket must have good stability, in accordance with the relevant provisions, whether oil or water or gas, to control its stability, pay attention to its maximum displacement stress.

     To ensure its service life and long service performance, the key service life is generally 30 years, which is related to the material, service environment and throughput of pipe fittings.The impact resistance of the socket is very high, and the inner wall of the pipe fitting is very thick, much thicker than the general pipe fitting.

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