What Are The Characteristics Of Spiral Steel Pipe For Petroleum Transportation

- Feb 18, 2019-

Oil transportation has a special pipeline, as a scarce resource in the country, it is not allowed to have problems in the transportation process, so the requirements for the transportation passage are very strict. The weld seam of steel strip butt welding is the welding seam of steel plate or steel strip on helical seam steel pipe.

Spiral tube rust is also a common problem, but rust will affect the service life. At present, the corrosion problem can not be fundamentally solved, and some preventive measures can be made to reduce the corrosion degree to the minimum. Tool rust removal is one of the methods, but not a long-term solution, but only the spiral tube corrosion after corrosion measures to inhibit diffusion.

The tools used by the helical tube manufacturers can't solve the problem in time. Sometimes, the effect of removing rust is not very good, and it will also destroy the surface layer of the spiral pipe. At this time, we can try to use pickling method, although there will be negative effects. The effect is relatively ideal. There are two methods to remove rust by acid washing and electrolysis. Only chemical pickling is used in pipeline anticorrosion, which can remove oxide, rust and old coating, sometimes it can be used as reprocessing after sandblasting. Chemical cleaning can make the surface clean and roughness, but its anchor grain is shallow and easy to pollute the environment. According to the actual situation Use the above rust removal scheme to avoid further corrosion of the spiral pipe.

Oil Pipeline Transportation Engineering

    The welding of helical steel pipe makes the gap perfectly join together to realize the best transportation state. In the aspect of welding, there are butt welding weld, which is the annular weld formed by connecting the two sections of steel pipe together. The position welding seam is the weld seam which is used to fix the butt seam before the final welding. Different welding methods are used to ensure the quality of the pipe and facilitate the transportation of oil.

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