Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tubes

Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tubes

1.Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tubes
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Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tubes

1.Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tubes



      Cold drawn or cold rolled precision seamless pipe is a cold drawn or cold rolled precision seamless steel pipe for mechanical structure and high-dimensional hydraulic equipment. High accuracy and good surface finish.        

     High precision cold drawn precision steel pipe is a new type of high technology and energy saving product. The popularization and application of high-precision cold drawn precision steel pipe can save steel products, improve machining efficiency and save energy. The so-called high-precision cold drawn tube refers to the inner and outer diameter accuracy (tolerance range), the inside and outside surface finish, roundness and straightness are good, and the wall thickness is uniform.


1. Seamless steel pipes can be divided into hot-rolled pipes, cold-rolled pipes, cold-drawn pipes and extruded pipes according to different production methods.

2. According to the shape, there are circular tubes and special-shaped tubes. In addition to square and rectangular pipes, special-shaped pipes include elliptical, semicircular, triangular, hexagonal, convex and plum-blossom pipes.

3. According to the different materials, it can be divided into ordinary carbon structure pipe, low alloy structure pipe,high quality carbon structure pipe, alloy structure pipe, stainless steel pipe and so on.

4. Boiler pipes, geological pipes, petroleum pipes and so on.

Specification and appearance quality

Seamless pipe according to regulations

1, specification: the outer diameter of hot rolled tube is 32~630mm. The wall thickness is 2.5~75mm. The outer diameter of cold rolling (Leng Ba) pipe is 5~200mm. The wall thickness is 2.5~12mm.

2. Appearance quality: the inside and outside surfaces of steel pipes must not be cracked, folded, rolled, broken, striped or scarred. These defects should be completely removed, and the wall thickness and outer diameter should not exceed the negative deviation after removal.

3, both ends of the steel pipe should be cut into right angles and burrs. Steel pipe with thickness greater than 20mm allows gas cutting and hot sawing. The agreement between supply and demand can not be cut.

Distinction and characteristics

The difference between cold drawn precision steel pipe and common seamless steel pipe is:

1, the main feature of ordinary seamless steel pipe is no welded joints, which can withstand greater pressure. Products can be coarse cast or cold parts.

2. Cold drawn precision steel pipe is a product that has appeared in recent years. It has strict tolerances and roughness on the inner and outer walls.

The characteristics of cold-drawn (rolled) precision steel pipe:

1. the outside diameter is smaller.

2. High precision can be used for small batch production

3. Cold-drawn (rolled) products have high precision and good surface quality.

4. The transverse area of steel tube is more complex.

5. The performance of steel pipe is better and the metal is more dense.


1, seamless pipe is widely used. Seamless pipe for general purpose is produced by ordinary carbon structural steel, low alloy structural steel or alloy structural steel. The output is the largest, and is mainly used for conveying fluid pipes or structural parts.

2, according to the different uses, there are three types of supply: A, supply by chemical composition and mechanical properties; B, supplied by mechanical properties; C, supplied by hydraulic pressure test. Steel pipes supplied by class A and B shall also be subjected to hydraulic pressure tests if they are used for liquid pressure.

3. Special purpose seamless pipes include seamless tubes for boilers, seamless pipes for geology and seamless pipes for oil and so on.

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