Carbon Alloy Steel

Carbon Alloy Steel

1 < 0.25 c is low carbon steel
3 > 0.6c is high carbon steel
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Classification by quality of steel

       1 < 0.25 c is low carbon steel, especially 08f08al, which contains less than 0.10% carbon. It is widely used in deep drawing parts such as automobiles and cans because of its good deep drawing and weldability. 20g is the main material for the manufacture of ordinary boilers. 

        In addition, low-carbon steel is also widely used as Carburizing steel for mechanical manufacturing.20.25 0.60c is medium carbon steel, mostly used in quenching and tempering, making parts of machinery manufacturing industry.

        3 > 0.6c is high carbon steel, mostly used to manufacture spring, gear, roll, etc. According to the manganese content, it can be divided into two groups: the normal manganese content (0.25%) and the high manganese content group (0.7% 1.0% and 0.9% 1.2%). 

       Manganese can improve hardenability of steel, strengthen ferrite, increase yield strength, tensile strength and wear resistance of steel. "mn" is usually appended to the grade of steel with high manganese content, such as 15mng 20mn to distinguish it from carbon steel with normal manganese content.

3. Classification by use

      According to the use can be divided into carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel.

The carbon content of carbon tool steel is between 0.65 and 1.35%. After heat treatment, high hardness and high wear resistance can be obtained. It is mainly used in the manufacture of various tools, cutting tools, dies and measuring tools (see tool steel).

      Because of the different quality, each grade is divided into four kinds, some of which are only one. In addition, there are different deoxidation methods for steel smelting.

Deoxidizing method symbols:

F-fluidized steel 

B-semi-killed steel

Z-killed steel

Tz-- special killed steel

make use of

      Carbon steel is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of less than 1.35%, which also contains a limited amount of impurities such as silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and other trace residual elements. Carbon steel is the earliest and most used basic material in modern industry. All industrial countries in the world try to increase the output of low alloy high strength steel and alloy steel, at the same time, they also pay great attention to improving the quality of carbon steel, expanding the variety and application range. 

      Especially since the 1950s, new technologies such as oxygen converter steelmaking, external injection, continuous casting and continuous rolling have been widely used, which have further improved the quality of carbon steel and expanded the scope of application. At present The output of carbon steel is about 80% of the total steel output in various countries. It is widely used not only in the construction, bridge, railway, rolling stock, ship and all kinds of machinery manufacturing industry, but also in the modern petrochemical industry. Industry, marine development, and so on, also get a lot of use. Carbon Alloy Steel1_副本

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