Austenitic Steel

Austenitic Steel

The steel with austenitic structure at room temperature is austenitic steel Austenitic steel has no magnetic structure and good cold working performance
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       Austenitic steels, which contain more elements to expand y zone and stabilize austenite, are all y phase at high temperature, and have austenitic structure at room temperature because Ms point is below room temperature during cooling. Cr-Ni stainless steels such as 18-8, 18-12A25-20C20-25Mo, and low-nickel stainless steels, such as Cr18Mnl0Ni5,Cr13Ni4Mn9,Cr17Ni4Mn9N,Cr14Ni3Mnl4Ti steels, which substitute manganese for partial nickel and nitrogen, fall into this category.

       The steel with austenitic structure at room temperature is austenitic steel. Austenitic steel has no magnetic structure and good cold working performance. The corrosion resistance is better than 430 and other martensite steels, and the heat resistance is better. For example: 1Cr18Ni9Ti.

       Reasons: there are three basic phases in carbon steel, that is, ferrite, austenite and cementite. When the alloy element is added to the steel, the alloy ferrite, alloy austenite and alloy cementite can be formed. When nickel, manganese, carbon and nitrogen are added to the steel, the temperature of A1 and A3 can be lowered, and the S point and E point in the Fe-C phase diagram will move to the lower left, thus enlarging the austenitic region. The austenite region can be extended to room temperature when the content of nickel or manganese, which is infinitely intersoluble with γ-Fe, is high, so the steel structure still exists as austenite single phase at room temperature.

Typical characteristic

high strength

Generally have high corrosion resistance

Excellent erosion resistance

Excellent fatigue resistance

High energy absorption performance 

Excellent solderability


Heat exchangers and boilers 

Large storage tank

Explosion-proof wall of offshore platform

Cookers and other equipment for use in the pulp and paper industry

Cargo spaces in chemical carriers

sea water desalting equipment

gas cleaning

Seawater treatment equipment

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