Galvanized Plate

Galvanized Plate

Category: zinc making process Substance: steel plate coating Representative: hot-dip galvanized steel plate Function: antirust method
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Zinc coated steel

Category: zinc making process

Substance: steel plate coating

Representative: hot-dip galvanized steel plate

Function: antirust method

Role: galvanized steel plate is to prevent corrosion on the surface of the plate to prolong its service life, coated with a layer of zinc on the surface of the plate, this galvanized steel plate called galvanized.

(1) Surface state: the surface state of galvanized sheet is different due to the different treatment methods in the coating process, such as common zinc flower, thin zinc flower, flat zinc flower, zinc free flower and phosphating surface, etc. The German standard also provides for a surface level.

(2) the galvanized sheet shall have a good appearance and shall not have defects harmful to the use of the product, such as no plating, holes, cracks and dross, exceeding plating thickness, abrasions, chromic acid dirt, white rust, etc. Foreign standards for specific appearance defects are not very clear provisions.

        According to the method of production and processing, it can be divided into the following categories:

Hot dip galvanized steel plate. To immerse a thin steel plate into a molten zinc tank and to attach a layer of zinc to its surface. At present, the continuous galvanizing process is mainly used, that is, the rolled steel plate is continuously immersed in the galvanized bath to make the galvanized steel plate.

        Alloyed galvanized steel plate. This kind of steel plate is also made by hot dip method, but it is heated to about 500 ℃ immediately after the tank is out to form zinc and iron alloy film. The galvanized sheet has good coating compactness and weldability.

       galvanized steel plate. The galvanized steel plate made by electroplating has good processability. However, the coating is thinner and less corrosion-resistant than hot-dip galvanized sheet.

       Single side galvanized steel plate and double side differential galvanized steel plate. Single side galvanized steel plate, that is, only on one side of the product galvanized. In welding, coating, rust-proof treatment, processing and other aspects, than double-sided galvanized sheet has a better adaptability. In order to overcome the shortcomings of unzinc-coated on one side, there is another kind of galvanized plate coated with thin layer zinc on the other side, that is, double-sided differential galvanized plate.

       alloy, composite galvanized steel plate. It is made of zinc and other metals such as aluminum, lead, zinc, etc. This kind of steel plate not only has excellent antirust performance, but also has good coating performance.

Galvanized Plate1Galvanized Plate

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