PPGI Prepainted Galvanized Steel for Buiding

PPGI Prepainted Galvanized Steel for Buiding

1. Quality: CGCC TDC51D+Z EN10169
2. Thickness: 0.20-1.00mm
3. Width: 914-1250mm
4. Zinc coating: 60-275g
5. Color: RAL Code or as samples
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Product Details

 prepained galvanized steel coil and sheet 

 1. Quality: CGCC TDC51D+Z   EN10169

 2. Thickness: 0.20-1.00mm

 3. Width: 914-1250mm

 4. Zinc coating: 60-275g

 5. Color: RAL Code or as samples

Product Technolog

(1). Paint coating:  Paint: 25+/-5 microns on Top & 7+/-2 microns on Bottom

(2). Base material: Aluminized zinc steel coil(SGCC,DX51D+Z)

(3). Technology: based on cold rolled, then hot-dipped galvanized, at last color coated

(4). Feature: excellent ornamental, formability, corrosion resistance, strong adhesion, color coated can be maintained for a long time.....


(1). Buildings&Constructions 

workshop, agriculture warehouse, residential precast unit, corrugated roof, wall, rainwater drainage pipe,  door, door case, light steel roof structure, folding screen,ceiling, elevator, stairway,  

(2). Transportation

A. inside decoration of auto and train, clapboard, container,isolation lairage 

(3). Electrical application

washing machine, switch cabinet, instrument cabinet, air conditioning, micro-wave oven,  


1.Low iron loss, high magnetic flux strength, comes up to the international advance standard 

2.Slight thickness difference between the horizontal and the longitudinal direction, promsing the high lamination factor

3.Processing Performance: easily punched and cut, high dimensional accuracy

4.Insulating coating: good insulation, strong adhesivity, high heat resistance, high imputrescibility.

5.Smooth surface, no rust, no rolling marks, no cold lap, no crease, no bubble cell, no delamination defects

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