180 degree bend pipe fitting

180 degree bend pipe fitting

Product name:180 degree bend
Product specifications:18mm-2220mm
Wall thickness dimensions:More than 2 mm, wall thickness can be made according to requirements.
Product material:Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel.
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Product Details

      180 degree bend pipe fittingThe bend pipe is bent by a complete set of bending die, which is mainly used for transporting oil, gas and liquid, and plays an important role in aircraft and its engine. The materials of the bend are cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, calcined cast iron, carbon steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

Product name:

180 degree bend

Product specifications:


Wall thickness dimensions:

·More than 2 mm, wall thickness can be made according to requirements.

·Bending angle:

The routine is 180 degrees and can be manufactured as required.

Length of straight segment:

·The length of straight section at both ends of the bend is generally the inner diameter of the bend, that is, the DN length, but it can also be manufactured according to the requirements.

·Product material:

Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel.


Tray, wooden case, bag, bulk. Special packing can be made according to customer requirements.

Product use:

·Ocean, Petroleum, Petrochemical, ship, Power, Heat, Natural Gas, Pharmaceutical, Milk, Beer, Beverage, Water Engineering.

Pipe bending process

       The bending process can be divided into cold bending and hot bending (simmer and simmer). In general, small and medium diameter bends can be obtained by cold bending; large diameter bends need hot bending. Mainly used for bending colored or ferrous metal pipes, applicable to building materials, shipbuilding, chemical, metallurgical, boiler and heavy machinery manufacturing and other sectors. Products are mainly used in the construction of circular steel structure, tunnel support, roof bending beam, subway engineering, aluminum doors and windows, ceiling, inner frame, balcony armrest, shower room door, production line track, fitness equipment and other industries.

Requirements for parent tubes for hot-simmering bends

       The chemical composition and quality properties of the parent pipe for the heat simmer bend have a great direct effect on the thermal bending process and the performance of the heat bend pipe. The chemical composition design, performance and structure of the parent pipe directly determine the quality and performance of the hot-simmer bend pipe. The quality performance of the parent pipe for the hot-simmering bend pipe is attached great importance to at home and abroad, and the clear requirements are put forward. However, due to the difference of hot bending technology, production equipment and control technology, there are some differences in the quality and performance requirements of the parent pipe for the heat simmering bend pipe, as well as different views.

        The mechanical properties of the parent pipe for the hot-simmer bend have a direct effect on the performance of the hot-simmering bend. The design of the chemical composition of the parent tube is only a necessary condition, not a sufficient condition, to determine the performance of the parent tube. The rolling process of steel sheet (roll), such as rolling temperature, rolling pass and reduction, and pipe making process all have direct influence on the final mechanical properties of the master pipe. The steel designed with the same composition is different or different from the tube making process. Controlled rolling pipes with different strength levels can be obtained. Because of the different rolling technology of         The original rolling plate, the mechanical properties of the bend pipe produced by the controlled rolled steel tube with the same strength grade are different, even though the same bending process is adopted. It will also be different. Therefore, in addition to the requirements of chemical composition design, the requirements of mechanical properties of the parent pipe for the heat simmer bend pipe must be attached great importance to, so as to indirectly control the rolling process and the pipe making process. The performance of the master tube is more balanced, and the performance of the pipe is not different from that of the simmer tube.

Steaming pipe 

       Cold-simmering bend pipe is not heated or no change in the structure of the material, bending at room temperature, known as simmer bend pipe. In order to prevent the tube from deflating or deforming during bending, some auxiliary materials or equipment, such as spring, are often filled in the pipe.

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