Elbow 90° short Radius

Size:DN 15-DN 2400, 1/2" -96"
Thickness:SCH 20,STD,SCH 40,SCH60,XS,SCH 80,SCH 160,XXS
Surface Treatment:Black Painting, Transparent Anti-rust Oil, Sand Blast
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Elbow 90° short Radius is the radius of curvature of elbow is twice the diameter of pipe; also known as 1D. The curvature radius of the elbow is equal to one times the diameter of the pipe.  It is made of stainless steel 201.304, carbon steel 20 #, 20G, alloy steel 12CR1MOV, etc.

From the visual point of view, the short radius elbow is much shorter than the long radius elbow, and the bending radius of the elbow is very rapid. Long radius is the most commonly used, generally the default is also long radius, high pressure or high flow speed places will use long radius, if the solid pipeline resistance requirements are strict, use a larger radius elbow. Short radius is usually used in low pressure fluids or elbows where there is a limit. Long radius elbows are preferred if there are no conditional restrictions or if they are not specified in the contract.

Long radius is commonly used in pipeline, but short radius is seldom used. This is due to their special structure. Long radius elbow has more uniform curvature and higher compression resistance than short radius elbow. Butt welding elbows are generally long radius elbows. Short radius elbows are generally suitable for pipes with relatively small pressure and resistance. However, short radius elbows should not be used for pipes with solid particles or crystalline particles, two-phase flow pipes, flexible pipes, pipes with small pressure drop and vibration pipes.


Elbow 90° short Radius


DN 15-DN 2400, 1/2" -96"


SCH 20, STD, SCH 40, SCH60, XS, SCH 80, SCH 160, XXS

Surface Treatment

Black Painting, Transparent Anti-rust Oil, Sand Blast

Standard in Stock


Material in Stock

Carbon steel, Mild steel, LTCS, Alloy Steel


500 Tons Including Medium and Low Pressure

The use of short radius elbows in pipes includes:

1. No special pressure drop requirement, no special requirement of fluid flow.

2. In the case of outer casing, the inner pipe is generally 1.5D elbow and the outer pipe is 1D elbow, which ensures that the inner pipe can be smoothly inserted into the outer pipe and reduces the difficulty of construction.

3. Reduce pipeline vibration and increase the rigidity of the whole pipeline.

Use of 1.5D elbows in pipes:

1. Reducing pipeline stress and increasing pipeline flexibility are common in heat medium oil pipelines.

2. Reduce the pressure drop of pipeline.

3. Reduce the pulsation of fluid to pipeline, and reduce the dynamic load of fluid to pipeline system.

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